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Program Outcomes


PO1. To have sufficient knowledge on the basis of issues of engineering related with mathematics, life science and leather engineering.

PO2. To be able to identify and interpret the complex problems related with leather engineering and solve them by applying proper modeling and analysis methods.

PO3. To design, realize and interpret the results of a process, product, and application or project that is specific for leather engineering.

PO4. To develop, choose and use the modern techniques and tools that is necessary for analysis and solving the complex problems encountered during leather engineering applications.

PO5. To be able to use effectively the information technologies at the required level for leather engineering field.

PO6. To have the ability to work individually, intra and inter-disciplinary teams.

PO7. To write and understand reports effectively, to make presentations, to be able to give or receive instructions in a clear and understandable manner.

PO8. To be able to communicate written/verbally in national and international level effectively and to use a foreign language at the level of B2 within Europen language portfolio.

PO9. To be aware of occupational and ethical responsibilities and to behave within the ethical principles.

PO10. To have basic and updated knowledge on the standards used in leather science and technology, leather engineering and leather products.

PO11. To show awareness to the global issues of; environment, health, productivity, quality, economy, legal consequences and security, related to solving leather engineering problems and applying the solutions.

PO12. To show administrative abilities (leadership, organization, time and risk management, quality management, productivity, etc.)

PO13. To follow the recent occupational news and developments, to have knowledge on entrepreneurship, sustainable development, to have awareness on the necessity of life-long learning and its realization. 

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