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Why Leather Engineering Department ?


-Leather and Leathergoods Industry (including; garments, footwear, bags, automotiv leathers, upholstery, decorative products, accessories, etc) is a wide and compherensive industrial branch.

-Well educated engineers in this field are highy demanded by the industry in Turkey and in the World.

-Department of leather engineering in Ege University is the first and only in Turkey and one of the few academic institutions in the world giving education in this field. Thus, the graduates have wide job opportunities both in Turkey and all over the world.

-The department has an international character due to many collaborations with other education and research institutes in the World. Many of our students go to abroad for some part of their education and/or intership.

-The department also organizes national and international symposia, meetings and panels bringing together the academia, industrialists and students. This action also gives opportunity to our students to increase their knowledge, vision and relations useful for their careers.

-The department also offers double major/minor programs with the other engineering departments of the faculty that provides an opportunity for multiple diplomas.With the social and personal development activities supported by the department the students start their career with advantages.

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